Portability is a feature of the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program that allows an eligible voucher holder to lease up anywhere in the United States where there is a public housing agency (PHA) operating an HCV program.

If you’re a new HCV recipient, remember that you may not be able to transfer or “port” immediately. You may have to live in the jurisdiction of the initial PHA (that is, the housing authority that first gave you your voucher when you were selected for the program) for a year before you can port.

Port In

HCV families interested in porting into Charter Oak Communities’ (COC) jurisdiction of Stamford, CT, must have their initial PHA submit their voucher and portability documentation to our Portability Specialist to one of the following:

Email: portability@charteroakcommunities.org

Fax: (203) 977-1495

Mail: Charter Oak Communities
22 Clinton Avenue
Stamford, CT 06901
Attn: Portability

The following is important information to consider/know before porting into Stamford:

  1. Before coming to Stamford, conduct a thorough search of the job market, school ratings, daycare facilities, cost of living, local rental market, etc. Learn more about the City of Stamford here: https://www.stamfordct.gov/
  2. Upon receipt of your portability documents, you will be invited to attend a briefing within two weeks. All adults must attend the portability briefing, during which time all household income/assets must be submitted along with birth certificates, social security cards, and verification of citizenship for all household members. The briefing normally lasts 2 hours.
  3. COC is not absorbing and is currently billing all initial PHAs.  
  4. You should have at least 45-60 days of search time on your voucher to allow yourself adequate time to find a unit without the worry of your voucher expiring. COC will NOT add additional members to the voucher when first coming to Stamford. If you want to add household members, you must do so at your initial PHA.
  5. Payment Standards are found on our FAQs page.
  6. You may search for a unit by visiting AffordableHousing.com.  Other resources to consider while searching for a unit may be Realtor.com, The Advocate, etc.
  7. COC does not provide security deposit assistance. The HCV family is responsible for securing their own security deposit. The amount of security deposit a unit owner may request can be up to 2 months of the contract rent. If you are 62 years or over, the owner can only charge an amount equal to 1 month of the contract rent.
  8. Once you select a unit, both you and the unit owner must complete the move packet and the Request for Tenancy Approval Form, which will be provided to you during the briefing. Upon completion, this information must be submitted to our office for review. The review process includes an affordability check, rent reasonableness, and owner verification. If the unit passes the initial review process, we will then schedule an inspection for final approval. If a unit does not meet these requirements, the unit will NOT be approved.
  9. If you move into a unit prior to receiving COC approval, you will be responsible for any rents owed.

Port Out

Current COC HCV families interested in porting out of our jurisdiction must complete the following:

  1. Provide COC with a copy of your intent to vacate notice addressed to your landlord per the terms of your lease.  
  2. Complete the Portability Request Form here. For a list of all PHA’s administering a HCV program within the United States, please visit HUD’s website.
  3. Contact your assigned HCV Specialist to schedule a move appointment, during which time a voucher will be issued and your portability request will be processed. Please note, if you are in violation of your lease or if it is found that you are not a resident in good standing, you may NOT be eligible for a move and/or voucher issuance.