Charter Oak Communities (COC) is a forward-thinking housing authority in Stamford, Connecticut, revolutionizing assisted public housing with innovative partnerships, creative funding, and smart business practices, all driven by a broad vision. Our exceptional team and diverse partners are dedicated to improving life for our residents and the broader community, positioning COC as a national leader in residential services and housing.

For the past two decades, COC, formerly the Stamford Housing Authority, has been pivotal in rejuvenating Stamford’s neighborhoods. We’ve transitioned from old public housing models to new, community-supported developments. Notably, COC has transformed Vidal Court by replacing 216 below-market units with 134 new market-rate homes, spread across several developments: Westwood (2011), Palmer Square (2012), Greenfield (2015), and Park 215 (2018).

At COC, our primary goals are to broaden access to affordable housing and to foster the socioeconomic advancement of our residents. We take pride in our track record of helping residents become self-sufficient. Together with our partners—including investors and governmental bodies at all levels—we are confidently steering COC’s programs toward a sustainable future.

Charter Oak Vision

Charter Oak Communities strives to provide Stamford residents with the ability to live in attractive, affordable housing in cohesive neighborhoods. We collaborate with local partners to provide residents with services and opportunities to unlock their full human potential.

Mission Statement

Charter Oak Communities provides housing opportunities and human services to enable Stamford residents to thrive.

Leadership Team

Vincent J. Tufo
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Natalie Coard
Executive Director
Jonathan Gottlieb
Rippowam Corporation
Lisa Reynolds
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Janice Tantimonico
Chief Talent Officer / Director of Human Resources
Jacqueline Figueroa
Deputy Executive Director
Sam Feda
Senior Finance Director