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Through the City of Stamford’s Below Market Rate (BMR) initiative, Charter Oak Communities has helped create a diverse community with housing options for all income levels, including those needing public assistance. Its economic diversity fosters social and environmental conditions that protect and enhance Stamford’s social fabric while making our communities both an excellent choice for families seeking comfortable, affordable places to raise their families, and a top pick for renters looking for vibrant and exciting city life.

~ Natalie Coard, Executive Director

A sunny, outdoor communal area features a colorful playscape suitable for children near well-kept apartment buildings.

Affordable Housing and Empowered Communities: Charter Oak by the Numbers

Charter Oak Communities is proud to provide individuals and families of all household incomes with affordable housing in Connecticut. We take great pride in creating our residents’ dream homes in a community enriched by opportunity, beneficial partnerships, and a future of possibilities. Take a look, by the numbers, at the community we’ve built—together.



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About Charter Oak Communities Housing

Charter Oak Communities combines the amenities and rich culture of downtown Stamford with Connecticut’s escapist, rural charm. Whether it is a home for your family or just for you, COC provides that safety, next step, and opportunity to live your best life.

Dual-family, multi-location units showing a bright and inviting exterior with spacious on-street parking.
Fairgate garden-style apartments showing inviting, private entrances, with plants and a maintained lawn.
Clinton Manor resident Johnny Taylor sits in his motorized wheelchair, smiling while showing a unique, wooden lamp.

Resident Highlight

Johnny Taylor, resident of Clinton Manor, speaks often of how grateful he is to the staff and neighbors in his building. He feels fortunate, he says, because the facility is easily accessible for his motorized wheelchair, and he is happy to be around people who look out for one another.

Community Partners

We’ve partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of Stamford — a premier facility for youth ages 6-18 — to further their mission to improve the lives of children throughout all areas and disciplines of their lives  in order for them to reach their full potential. 

Volunteer-powered and socially responsible, Fairgate Farm is the thriving heart of the Vita Health & Wellness District. The Farm supplies fresh, organic and locally-grown fruit and vegetables to our community and to nonprofit agencies. We offer a filled calendar of special events, including nutrition, cooking, and gardening education programs throughout the spring and summer.

For over a decade, Charter Oak Communities has partnered with Stamford’s premier human services provider, Family Centers, to provide resident services throughout our communities. Our relationship with Family Centers promotes personal growth, resident leadership, and community cohesion.

The Stamford Youth Mental Health Alliance is a partnership of the City of Stamford, Department of Health, Stamford Health Commission, Stamford Public Schools and over three dozen clinical and community service providers forged to address the growing mental health crisis among its children and adolescents. SYMHA is focused on prevention, early intervention, and access to care and resources to promote mental wellness throughout our community.

A partnership of Charter Oak Communities, Stamford Hospital and the City of Stamford and in collaboration with numerous service organizations, Vita is redefining health, housing, and community in Stamford’s West Side neighborhood.

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julia martinez
julia martinez
Leon Standly
Leon Standly
Gladys Bailey
Gladys Bailey
Because it's a good and beautiful area to live with kids and it's looks like safe and comfortable.
dolores perez
dolores perez
Muy amable y el joven hispano que trabaja en el counter muy amable y educado y respetuoso 👍🏾