Charter Oak Communities: Redefining Public Housing

Focused on the health, wellbeing and independence of our residents, Charter Oak Communities has set new standards for public-assisted housing by creating residences that are an asset to the Stamford community, strengthening neighborhoods, and helping our residents become more self-sufficient. COC works with local partners equally vested in the community’s success to offer resident services, access to healthcare and wellness options, educational support and economic opportunities, and to ensure that everyone has a voice in our community.

Mission Statement

The mission of Charter Oak Communities is to bring about social benefit through innovation to create a healthier and stronger Stamford.

Charter Oak Communities begins by helping families and individuals live comfortably in safe, attractive and cohesive neighborhoods. It moves further by striving to develop, test and institutionalize creative approaches to social wellbeing that unlock full human potential. Innovations aim to raise the accessibility and effectiveness of education, social services, health care, employment and environmental livability among other core goals.