Charter Oak Communities realizes that many of our residents have lost jobs or work hours due to COVID-19 and some have lost child care and are unable to work.   If you are having difficulty paying your full rent, there is a program that may be able to help you by paying off half of your unpaid rent going back to April, and including August and September, if your income has not yet come back to normal.  Here is how it works:

You will pay 30% of your household income towards your monthly rent, even if this amount is less than your normal rent.  Half the difference between your payment and the normal rent will be paid by the program.  The other half will be paid by you as part of a long-term repayment agreement, starting later.  The Rent Relief Program will be in effect during the period of April – September 2020. If you were in good standing before April and you are not in the federal public housing or Section 8 programs, you may be eligible for the Rent Relief Program.

If your family has been hurt financially by COVID-19 and you are interested in participating in the Rent Relief Program, please contact your property manager.

To be eligible for the program, residents must have experienced income loss that leaves them unable to pay their full monthly rent.  Some examples include:

  • People who were under a stay-at-home order issued by a governmental agency and unable to work remotely
  • People furloughed or laid off due to business closure or reduction in operations
  • People whose work hours have been cut to a smaller number than normal
  • People unable to work due to loss of childcare or schools being closed

Residents will be required to provide information to document their financial status. Examples include evidence that you are receiving unemployment compensation, a pink slip or notice of layoff or furlough, old paystub or other record of recent employment at a location which is currently closed. Residents will also be required to show that they have applied for other support programs, such as State unemployment insurance, as well as other forms of rent relief for which they are eligible.

If residents wish, Family Centers’ dedicated team of Resident Service Coordinators can provide help with household budgeting, employment counseling and family self-sufficiency planning.    Please reach out to your property manager or RSC with any questions you may have about applying to the Rent Relief Program.