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COC Receives “Healthy Workplace” Recognition

Charter Oak Communities (COC) was recognized by the Business Council of Fairfield County recently as a Healthy Workplace.

The 2016 Healthy Workplace Employer Recognition Program applauded the efforts of 49 area employers who understand the competitive advantage of a healthy workforce, and who have implemented a diverse range of programs to promote a healthy workplace and assist their employees to live healthier lives. Research demonstrates that employers realize increased productivity and reduced direct healthcare costs when they offer health and wellness programs to their employees.

“We have learned, not surprisingly, that more than two-thirds of health care spending is linked to behaviors that ultimately make us unhealthy. We have also learned that business productivity is linked to health status,” commented Tanya Court, Director of the Public Policy and Programs at the Council. “As costs related to health and health care escalate, business has responded in a variety of ways.”

The Healthy Workplace Employer Recognition Program is an initiative of the Council’s Wellness Roundtable. Concentrating on the issues of health and wellness, the Roundtable is a vehicle for best practice exchange, conducts a communications and events program to raise awareness of wellness and serves as a catalyst for employers to take cooperative action in meeting the health-related needs of their employees.

The mission of COC’s Wellness Program is to support the health of employees, and their families, in body and mind. The program is guided by an employee Wellness Committee made up of five members with additional senior-level support. An array of complementary programs includes: work-life balance through flexible hours; programs for employees’ personal financial health and economic resilience; a comprehensive health care benefit plan; partial reimbursement for employees’ health club memberships; and our unique community vegetable farm, Fairgate Farm.

Vita Health & Wellness District Launches Parents as Co-Educator Project

The Vita Health & Wellness District – a collaborative, comprehensive wellness initiative on Stamford’s West Side, spearheaded by Charter Oak Communities (COC), Stamford Hospital, and the City of Stamford – has launched a three-year research and development project designed to close achievement gaps, improve wellness, enhance education, and engage the local community by offering specialized support to immigrant families.

Called the Parents as Co-Educators program, the effort is a collaboration between Vita partners Family Centers, Childcare Learning Centers and Neighbors Link of Stamford, along with affiliated agencies. It is intended to improve outcomes for children from non-English-speaking, low-income families.  The program delivers comprehensive services to 20 families with children enrolled in Childcare Learning Centers.
The long-term goal is to help at-risk immigrant residents improve their parenting skills and reduce some of the socio-economic barriers that limit their children’s educational performance and eventual career options. Supportive services will be offered through in-home visits by a team of trained professionals. Program elements include education-focused parenting learning, case management, literacy/ESL (English as a Second Language) support and referral services.

For more information about the Vita Heath & Wellness Parents as Co-Educators Program, contact Vita Administrator Leslie P. Sexer at 203-324-3167 or

HMS OWL (Online Waiting List) portal

Charter Oak Communities (COC) is happy to announce the HMS OWL (Online Waiting List) portal.  This gives applicants the opportunity to verify their status on waiting lists they have applied for.  To find instruction on how to access the portal, place your mouse over the “Applications” tab above.  Next, place your mouse over “Leasing Office” and click on “HMS OWL (Online Waiting List).”  You will then be taken to a web page that has a link to the set of instructions on how to register and gain access to the HMS OWL (Online Waiting List) portal.  Once registered on the portal, you can verify your status.



Charter Oak Communities – Come Share the Vision
Welcome to Charter Oak Communities (COC), formerly the Stamford Housing Authority, which provides attractive, affordable homes for thousands of Stamford residents comprising a wide range of demographics and needs. COC is a leading advocate and champion for innovative, creative partnerships that are redefining public-assisted housing communities in Connecticut and across America.

Through visionary leadership, innovative financing arrangements, astute human relations and comprehensive partnerships with local, state and Federal government and the private sector, COC is changing Stamford’s landscape – literally as well as figuratively – by replacing the aged models of public housing that often became a blight on cities with modern, attractive communities that are welcome additions to their residents, neighbors and neighborhoods.

See what we’ve accomplished – and the new communities we’re now building – by visiting About COC under the Our Roots tab.



Fairgate Farm: A Bountiful Season for 2015

Our fourth full year at Fairgate was filled with growth, new volunteers, a busy schedule of community events and a rich harvest!

We are privileged to have had 100+ volunteers, who dedicated 775 hours to our Farm. We planted, cultivated and harvested 5,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables, including 80 or so different varieties (many ethnic crops!). As is our model as a community-powered urban farm, much of what we grew was taken home by our volunteers, with the rest delivered to local agencies, including New Covenant House Café (soup kitchen), the Pacific Street Men’s Shelter and the Inspirica Shelter for Women, and the Scofield Manor Residential Care Home, where residents enjoyed our healthy “farm to table” cuisine!

Our community schedule kicked off with our annual Strawberry Festival Farm Jam at the end of May. We ran a few juicing workshops with Stamford Hospital’s Bennett Cancer Center; had a terrific season with our popular Farm to Table Family Workshop series on Wednesday evenings through the summer; sponsored our first ever Quick Pickling workshop (so fun!) and Yoga at the Farm (inspirational); and, as always, ended with a terrific Harvest Festival in Late October.

We also launched our successful composting program that, by years’ end, will have diverted more than 20,000 lbs. of compostable material (organic waste) from the landfill to become rich, natural fertilizer for our farm and community gardens in our area.

See you in the Spring!

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